If your a redemption player from oregon or washington please email me at the bottom of this page.For Information on upcoming tournaments in the northwest go to


Im starting a playgroup at the Bible Book House 1870 Lava Ave. NE 97305.The playgroup is every saturday from 12pm-5pm when theres no tournament there.

The new 10th anniversary starter decks have been released and as of Nov. 1st are tournament legal.

Scott Stamp from medford,oregon plans on having a district tournament every month though may in Medford,oregon!!!


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The official site of Redemption
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Great site with very useful information and trading.
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Great site with very useful information.
Three Lions Inn redemption website
Great site for buying Redemption cards and supplies.
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Home of the great redemption card playing program online called RTS.
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Last updated on 11-4-2005